2017 Annual Meeting
2017 Annual Meeting - Scholarships Awards
77th Annual Meeting Brings Business and Fellowship

THEY CAME FOR THE DOOR PRIZES and to participate in the business of their co-op by voting on directors and
listening to the news of the past year. But the 171 members of Navarro County Electric Cooperative and scores of guests who came to
the co-op’s 2017 annual membership meeting were there for the fellowship, too.

“Actually we’ve gotten to know some of the members over so many years that there’s a lot of them we greet with hugs,” said Lindy
Shaw, manager of administrative services at Navarro
County EC. “You’ll see people that greet them with hugs, and they’ve known them for a hundred years, it seems like.” Over a career
spanning 38 years at the co-op, Shaw doesn’t recall missing a single membership meeting. She was there this May 20 to help greet
members as they arrived for the co-op’s 77th annual event, held at Navarro College’s Dawson Auditorium in Corsicana. Nearly four
decades in, Shaw says she still looks forward to the opportunity to meet and greet members in person. “We get to have one-on-one
contact with our members, which we always enjoy,” she said.

Once inside, members gave voice votes re-electing Bill Southard, District IV, and Alfred Martin, District V, to
additional three-year terms on the board of directors. The democratically elected board represents the voices of the co-op members in
guiding the direction and decision-making of the cooperative. Democratic Member Control is one of the Seven Cooperative Principles
that guides co-ops’ operations.
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Billy Jones - CEO / General Manager
Navarro County EC Employees
Earn Lifesaving Award
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Lifesaving Award recognizes employees who perform
a heroic rescue and is one of the highest honors an
employee can receive.  Two of NCEC employees
received this award for their actions in 2014.

Greg Fisher and Jerad Taylor were on weekend
call duty in early 2014.  On February 2, Fisher
received a trouble call that one of the substation
circuits from Rocket was locked out.  After picking up
his duty partner, Taylor, they went on the call and
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Annual Meeting Registration
Navarro County EC Hits Safety Milestone
Navarro County EC reached yet anther
milestone, marking eight years without a
lost-time injury.  

At this year's Texas Electric Cooperatives Loss
Control Conference in San Marcos, NCEC
received an award for seven years of no lost

NCEC employees have worked without a lost
time injury for 2,214 days, or 775,683 hours.  
NCEC is a family looking out for each other at
work to ensure that we all arrive back home to
our families every day.  NCEC employees strive
to provide our members with safe, affordable
and reliable electric service.  
Navarro County EC scholarship winners, front
row, left to right, are
Taylor Williams,
Rylan Wade and Megan Sheffield; and
back row, left to right, Garrett Berry,
Taner Tunstall and Riley Simpson. Not
pictured are Ashleigh Bugg and Brooke

This year, 71 eligible applicants applied
through the Scholarship Program. The Board
approved eight $6,000 scholarships
position of senior lineman. He started his lineman apprenticeship March 3,
2011, and earned the lineman certification in October 2015. During the
intervening time, he worked on the co-op’s overhead and underground line
crews, and operated a service bucket in all five counties that Navarro
County Electric Cooperative serves.

Cunningham also has helped with on-the-job training of our apprentices,
showing them safe work procedures and exhibiting good leadership skills.
March 2017
Matt Cunningham Named Senior Lineman

Jimmy Putman came to work at Navarro County Electric Cooperative on June 26th,
1978.  At first Jimmy worked on the construction crew, building overhead and underground
power lines, while advancing through the Lineman Apprenticeship program.   Jimmy was a
dedicated lineman for 37 of those 40 years even though he would eventually move to the
position of Staking Technician.

And now in January 2018 Jimmy Putman has announced his retirement.  Although, we will
miss him in the future, Jimmy now deserves time for family and personal interests.  On
behalf of the Directors and Employees of NCEC we would like to wish Jimmy the best!