Yes, its that time of the year again!  Pole Top & Bucket Rescue training was conducted at
the NCEC office with the Texas Electric Cooperative Safety Specialist and Loss Control
Program. Pictured below are various NCEC outside employees preparing to safely lower
the rescue dummy to the ground, while several employees assist by truck and others
waiting to administer First Aid on the ground. NCEC, Inc. is committed to safety!
Lightning strikes more Americans than
tornadoes or hurricanes.  Don't take
chances with this deadly force of
 Move to low ground.
 Avoid open fields.
 Do not seek shelter under trees.
 At the beach, or in a swimming
         pool, get out of the water
         immediately.  Inside a
         building stay away from
 Stay away from metal buildings.
 Get off of the phone.
 If your hair stands on end, you
 may be a target.  Crouch low on
 the balls of your feet.
Weather and car accidents are the
main causes of downed power lines.  
Always stay away and warn others to
stay clear.
 If you see a downed power line,
         move away from the line
         and anything touching it.
 If someone is in direct or
         indirect contact with a
         downed line do not touch
         the downed line. Call 911
 Don't drive over downed power
         lines.  If you are in your
         car and it is in contact with
         a downed power line, stay
         in your car.
 Honk your horn for help but tell
         others to stay away from
         your vehicle.
NCEC Employees Train for Pole Top & Bucket Rescue
Lightning Safety Rules
Downed Power Lines
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Coop employee climbing pole to rescue a dummy during pole top rescue exercises